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Sanniang Bay Tourism Area

Posted by: Release time:2014-01-03

Sanniang Bay Tourism Area is a national AAAA scenic area, a top ten scenic area in Guangxi and the hometown of Chinese White Dolphin, the first-class national protected animal. It locates in the southernmost point of Qinzhou and beside the picturesque Beibu Gulf, 38 kilometers away from Qinzhou. Here is not only the cradle of the gestation of life and love, but also the bay for purification of the soul. You can watch dolphins, enjoy the joy of the harmony between dolphin and human, and experience the joy of sea fishing and walking along the beach and in the waves. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of grotesque rocks like Sanniang Rock, Muzhu Rock, Yuanyang Rock, Fengliu Rock, Tianya Rock, Haigou Rock, as well as the landscapes like Peaceful Garden, greenwood and beach, ecological swimming pool, fishing village, Sanniang Tree and bathing beach. You can also visit ancient Buddhist sacred land like Fubo Temple, Guanhai Pavilion, Weide Temple. Here is not only the origin of the beautiful legend of Sanniang, but also the port of departure of the maritime silk route. It is the shooting base of the renowned film Haixia, of the MTV Wanwange by CCTV and of the 20-episode TV series Gamboge Flower. The annual Tidal Bore Watching Festival was rated as one of the top ten festivals of Guangxi, because of the proverb "Tide that rises at Sanniang Bay is as magnificent as the Qiantang bore". Welcome to Sanniang Bay, the hometown of Chinese White Dolphin!

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