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Former Residence of Liu Yongfu

Posted by: Release time:2014-01-03

San Xuan Tang, the former residence of Liu Yongfu, locates in No. 10 Pangui Street, Qinzhou, Guangxi and is about 3 kilometers away from the downtown. It is an ancient building with Chinese national characteristics and the style of late Qing Dynasty. Liu Yongfu was appointed as San Xuan Commander-in-Chief since he made military exploits during his fighting against France Army, hence the name of the building. Built in 1891, the former residence covers an area of 22,776 square meters, with a gross area of 5622.5 square meters. The magnificent building shows a glorious and legendary life of Liu Yongfu, a national hero. The main building is a two-story brick-wood structure building up to 13 meters, with cylindrical eaves of Chinese style, surrounded by wing rooms on two sides. There are 119 halls and rooms in total, which connect with each other. With Chinese national characteristics and the style of late Qing Dynasty, it is a richly ornamented building. There are over a hundred of vivid paintings on the wall drawing sages and heroes, civil and military officials, celestial beings, shepherd boys and woodmen, well-known mountains and rivers, pavilions, terraces and towers, green pines and blue cypress, phoenixes and cranes, etc. With orderly layout, the building is surrounded by high walls and blockhouse covered with embrasures. In front of the house there is a square, and there is a screen wall facing the gate of the house with 4 meters in height and 24 meters in width. The gate faces east, with three Chinese characters "San Xuan Tang" above it, and with a couplet "branches dwell in ancient Yue, tributary rivers expand in Pengcheng" on its right and left. Tourists can visit the famous attractions like Yongfu Square and Field for practicing Wushu.

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