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Bazaigou Scenic Area

Posted by: Release time:2014-01-03

Bazaigou Scenic Area, located at the north of Shiwan Dashan Forest Park, is a national AAAA scenic area and is the most beautiful part of the primeval forest of Shiwan Dashan. The scenic area is in the middle section of Nanning-Beihai highway and enjoys convenient traffic, only 125 kilometers away from Nanning, the capital of Guangxi and 53 kilometers away from Qinzhou; and a straight drive along Qinzhou-Chongzuo Highway can get here. The scenic area boasts dense and primitive forests, river valley of 8 kilometers, grotesque stones, hundreds of clear ponds, thousands of rare animals and plants, and pleasant climate.

With 8 kilometers from north to south and 5 kilometers from east to west, the scenic area covers a total area of 3262.22 hectares. The scenic area boasts steep hillsides, rolling hills, deep cliffs, clear streams and immense forests. The vegetation there is north tropical monsoon forest. The scenic area has many rare animals and plants. There are over 1500 species of arbor and shrub plants subordinate to 533 genus of 195 families, including golden camellia, spinulose tree fern, hopea chinensis, michelia odora, erythrophleum ferdii, madhuca pasquieri and 6 other national key protected plants. What's more, there are some rare animals like stump-tailed macaque, zibet, pangolin, golden coin turtle, wattle-necked softshell turtle, etc. In the valley, the tropical monsoon forest is boundless and dense, and there exists more than 50 natural baths. Mashan mountain, the main peak, is 674 meters above sea level. Rare and strange plants can be seen everywhere in the scenic area which is magnificent, unique, quite, beautiful, natural and primitive. The scenic area boasts unique natural scenery, exquisite environment and clean air. It is just like a huge natural oxygen bar because there are over 65,000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter within the mountain area according to a test. It is a base for the ranks of Chinese revolution which boasts rich historical meaning, and also a shooting base of the renowned film Intrepid Hero.

The scenic area has become a destination for tourists from all over the world. Tourists may see beautiful flowers all over the mountains in spring, as well as taking a bath in the mountain springs or enjoying splashing springs in summer. Tourists may also go mountaineering and enjoy gurgling water and chirping autumn cicada in autumn. What's more, tourists may enjoy a large area of white flowers of green plum, which will make them joyful and exciting to see that winter is not over while the spring is coming.

Visitors from all over the world are welcomed to visit the beautiful scenic area.

Opening hour: 8:30-17:00