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Financial innovation and cooperation to boost development of industrial park

Posted by: Release time:2019-09-10

Recently, Gao Pu, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Qinzhou Municipal Committee and Executive Deputy Director of China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee, led a team to visit the Guangxi Branch of the Agricultural Development Bank of China and the Guangxi Branch of the China Development Bank, in order to push forward the cooperation in Party building, investment and financing between the park and the banks.

Specifically, in the Guangxi Branch of the China Development Bank, Gao Pu and the president of the bank, Mei Shiwen, held a discussion on the issues related to the cooperation. Gao introduced the overall development status, development concept and financing needs of the park. Mei introduced the strategic cooperation concept of package financing of the bank to the park. The two sides have reached a consensus on financial innovation and cooperation based on the concepts of “Cooperation, Investment and Sharing”. Next, the two sides will simultaneously set up a working group for investment and financing, put focus on key projects such as coordinated projects, coordinated cash flow and coordinated asset pools, and deepen the cooperation in financial business between the two sides.