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Delegation of Baise Municipal People’s Government visits Qinzhou

Posted by: Release time:2019-09-09

Recently, Zhou Yijue, Mayor of Baise City, led a delegation of the Baise Municipal People’s Government to Qinzhou to investigate the development of the big data industry.

In Qinzhou Huawei Digital Town, the delegation visited the Qinzhou Big Data Industry Exhibition Center and the Smart E-commerce Cloud Experience Center successively. They also learned about the construction of Qinzhou Huawei Digital Town and the development of the big data industry of Qinzhou City in detail by asking, listening and looking around, held a discussion on how to make the digital economy bigger and stronger, and jointly explored the exchange and development of the two cities. Zhou said that currently Baise City was making efforts to accelerate the construction of digital Baise. This visit would be an opportunity for the city to focus on higher quality development, and to learn from Qinzhou's advanced experience to further clarify development ideas and make top-layer design for the development of big data industry. He hoped that the two cities would enhance understanding and deepen feelings during exchanges and interactions, and jointly reach a new consensus on cooperation in the field of digital economy.