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Enter 5G era, enjoy beautiful life

Posted by: Release time:2019-08-30

Since this year, Qinzhou focuses on promoting "5G application in the Internet industry", vigorously implements and promotes science and technology projects to benefit the people, strengthens the construction of information infrastructure, gives full play to 5Gā€™s distinct advantage of great bandwidth, low latency and large-scale connection, and combines information and public service level, to provide convenience for people's life and further improve the quality of life.

It is reported that Qinzhou implements 7 science and technology projects to benefit the people in this year, with the planned investment of 256 million yuan. Among them, there are 3 autonomous-region projects and 4 municipal self-selected projects, including rural public lighting pilot, village-covered radio and television, pollution prevention and control, Qinzhou High-tech Industry Service Center, broadband Qinzhou, 5G trial commercial network construction and application demonstration, new energy bus operation subsidies and purchase, etc.