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Qinzhou Railway Container Center Station put into service

Posted by: Release time:2019-07-01

Recently, Yang Jinbai, Vice Governor of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region announced the official opening of Qinzhou Railway Container Center Station at the port operation area. Afterwards, the first Sino-Europe Train from Qinzhou Center Station to Duisburg of Germany pulled out. This marks the breakthrough of the “Last Kilometer” of combined transport of sea and railway at Qinzhou Port. The seamless docking of sea and railway transportation was then realized, which improved the transport efficiency, upgraded transport links and lowered logistics costs.

Meanwhile, the opening and operation of the center station will certainly promote the importance of the role of the pivotal port of Qinzhou sea-railway combined transport. Qinzhou will provide fast and high-quality services and improve the collecting and distributing system. It will make all efforts to support the operation and development of the center station, build it the benchmark of seamless docking of multimodal transport in China, and make contributions to the construction of the land-sea corridor connecting China and ASEAN countries with the shortest time and best services at optimal price.