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Reducing enterprise cost, improving customs clearance efficiency

Posted by: Release time:2019-06-05

Qinzhou Port Customs recently launched innovative service measures, in the customs clearance, inspection, logistics monitoring and other various business fields, "New Land-Sea Corridor Special Channel" and "New Land-Sea Corridor Special Inspection Table" are set up, and specialized channel is to process the import and export business of new land-sea corridor, to reduce customs inspection time and ensure fast customs clearance of goods in new land-sea corridor.

It is reported that this year's May Day holiday, in order to ensure the rapid customs clearance of fruits, soybeans and other goods, Qinzhou Port Customs timely organized customs officers to work overtime to carry out inspection and clearance work, cumulatively monitoring and checking 13 containers of durian, longan and other imported fruits from Thailand totally, with the total weight of 239.36 tons and the value of goods of 443,200 dollars totally; inspecting 66,400 tons of imported soybeans, with a value of goods of 26.2569 million dollars; inspecting logs of 30,330.6 cubic meters, with the value of goods of 4.2497 million dollars, etc., which helped the enterprise reduce the time of import and export by more than 2 days and won the praise of the enterprises.