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Qinnan District to carry out geological heritage protection and build tourist attraction site

Posted by: Release time:2018-02-08

In recent days, Qinzhou Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources Qinnan Branch officially declared the county's province-level geological park—Nawushan Mountain Park. The plan is to develop the mountain into a geological heritage protection site and a tourist attraction that combines ornamental and rare sceneries with scientific purpose. At present, the application proceeding is in an orderly manner.

Nawushan Mountain is located in Nali County, Qinnan District, and is 416 meters above sea level. It is known as the No.1 Peak in Beibu Gulf and famous for its beautiful sceneries and unique charm. During the long process of evolution, the mountain has formed many valuable and non-renewable natural heritages, which also have unique scientific, educational and aesthetic value.