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222 vehicles imported by Qinzhou Free Trade Port Area

Posted by: Release time:2018-02-06

Since the beginning of this year, in accordance with the work plan of the municipal party committee and municipal government on "Promoting the function of policy in Qinzhou Free Trade Port Area and building the core area for Guangxi's national import promotion and innovation demonstration zone", Qinzhou Free Trade Port Area has actively integrated itself into the service of Qinzhou's economic and social development and scientifically explores and establishes new models of business supervision. The import of vehicles in January set a good start for the future. In January, customs of Qinzhou Free Trade Port Area released 222 complete sets of vehicles with a total value of RMB 61.54 million and a total tax of RMB 51.52 million. The three indicators increased by 43.4 times, 29.3 times and 37.2 times respectively over the same period of last year, and the monthly import volume accounted for 4 times of last year's annual import volume.