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Qinzhou Free Trade Port Area gains rapid growth in meat import

Posted by: Release time:2018-02-02

According to the statistics from Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Qinzhou Free Trade Area, Qinzhou Free Trade Port Area achieved a sharp increase in meat imports in 2017. The inspections and quarantines work for 180 batch—4163.19 tons of meat products with worth of 8,857,100 US dollars were conducted by the bureau. The new figures are 22.5 times, 22.5 times and 14.6 times respectively of that of the last year.

It is learned that Brazil, Finland, Uruguay and Australia are the main import source of Qinzhou Free Trade Port Area. Among them, Brazil is the largest one, as in 2017, a total of 83 batches of meat products amounting to 2,236.87 tons and 36,215,000 US dollars was imported, accounting for 53.73% of the total import volume.