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Qinzhou Preferential Land Policies (Excerpts)

Posted by: Release time:2014-01-03

1. The minimum transfer prices of land for industrial purposes in Qinzhou, according to specific conditions, may be subject to 10-50% of the prices stipulated in the National Standards for the Minimum Transfer Prices of Land for Industrial Purposes.

2. 50% of forest vegetation recovery funds collected due to forestland occupation for key projects coordinated and advanced by the government of Guangxi, may be used for the reforestation in the arable hills and wasteland around the project sites.

3. For private enterprises participating in non-profit public services (including urban infrastructure, public science and technology and education, culture and health care), on condition that their project lands comply with the Land Allocation Directory of the People’s Republic of China, then the lands can be allocated, and on condition that their project lands shall be paid by law, then the land can be supplied by appropriately shortening the land using period or leasing.