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Huangma Industrial Park in Qinbei District

Posted by: Release time:2014-01-03

Huangma Industrial Park (HIP), one of the class A industrial parks in Guangxi, is located between Dadong Town and Dasi Town in Qinbei District. Since the start of construction in October 2004, HIP has implemented the development and management mode of One Park with More Districts, and now has developed District I, District II, District III, District IV and Dasi Industrial District (namely Beibu Gulf Forest and Wood Products Industrial Park). Overall planning, regulatory plan and regional environmental impact assessment of 16.515 square kilometers have been completed, and the exploited area is 5.3 square kilometers. The Management Committee of HIP was set up in 2012 to realize development, construction and management of LIP at the same time.

Since the start of construction, HIP, insisting on high starting point planning, high-standard development and high-efficiency administration, has taken priority over the development of infrastructure and auxiliary facilities and focused on the introduction of industries in the sectors of forest and wood products, stone, electronics, food processing, new energy and new building materials, and then become an important platform of Qinbei District for investment attraction and leaping development in new industrialization. At present, 116 enterprises or projects have settled in HIP, among which 71 enterprises have gone into operation and 20 projects is in progress. There are 25 industrial enterprises above designated size, and 16 enterprises with an output value of over 100 million yuan, such as Guangxi Xinheli Metallurgy Co., Ltd., Guangxi Qinzhou Xiangyun Feilong Non-ferrous Metal Co., Ltd. and China Resource Cement Holdings Limited. Spending on the infrastructure in the park totaled 0.75 billion yuan. Paved roads which totaled 14 kilometers, including Huangma 28 road, Huangma 26 road, Dadong 13 road and Dadong 18 road, are completed; while more than 10 roads are under construction, including Xincheng 8 road and Dadong 4 road. Two 110 KV substations and one water supply plant with a daily water supply capacity of 20,000 tons have been built and come into use. 3 standard factory buildings with an area of 39,000 square meters in total have been completed, while 13 standard factory buildings with a planned construction area of 700,000 square meters are in progress, which will enable 100 enterprises to settle in.

District I: Its start of construction was in 2005, and more than 2800 mu (about 186.76 hectares) of lands have been developed. Now 73 enterprises or projects have settled in District I, among which 42 enterprises have gone into operation, such as Huarun Concrete (Qinzhou) Co., Ltd., Qinzhou Liyuan Grain, Oil & Feed Co., Ltd. and Yuanda Glass Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. What's more, Shenzhen Zhuoneng Hi-tech Park, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan, is accelerating its construction.

District II: It started construction in 2004, and 460 mu (about 30.68 hectares) of lands have been developed. 17 enterprises, such as Guangxi Bangqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Guangxi Gaoyuan Chemicals Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Tengfei Zinc Co., Ltd, have settled here, 16 of which have gone into operation now.

District III: Located in Jiangbiao Village, Dadong Town, it mainly develops agricultural products processing industry and food processing industry. In 2012, chicken feeding and processing project of Nine-Alliance Group with the investment of 2 billion yuan entered District III.

District IV: Located in Gebiao Village, Dadong Town, it started construction in April 2009. It was involved in the planning and construction of Imported Resources and New Material Processing Industrial Park of Qinnan District of Qinzhou in 2010, covering a planned area of about 5 square kilometers, and more than 1800 mu (about 120.06 hectares) of lands have been leveled. The main industries are metallurgy, chemicals, new building materials, machinery manufacturing, etc. Now 13 enterprises with the investment of over 100 million yuan have settled here, among which Guangxi Xinheli Metallurgy Co., Ltd., Guangxi Qinzhou Xiangyun Feilong Non-ferrous Metal Co., Ltd., Guangxi Redwall New Materials Co., Ltd. and other two enterprises have been completed and put into operation.

Dasi Industrial District (namely Beibu Gulf Forest and Wood Products Industrial Park): Located at the entrance of Nanning-Beihai Highway at Dasi Town, it focused on the development of Beibu Gulf Forest and Wood Products Industrial Park. The construction of Beibu Gulf Forest and Wood Products Industrial Park is supported by One Capital and Three Ports (One Capital means Nanning, the capital of Guangxi; Three Ports means Qinzhou port, port of Fangchengang and Nanning airport). With a planned area of 5 square kilometers, it is constructed in two phases. The first phase is from 2013 to 2015 with an area of 3 square kilometers for exploitation, and the second phase is from 2016 to 2020 with an area of 2 square kilometers for exploitation. It consists of five functional areas, namely production area for wood-based panel, production area for wood products, warehousing and logistics area, integrated service area and living area. It focuses on the construction of products pavilion, modern life experience pavilion, log and plank trade center, household products trade center, furniture trade center, quality center and R&D center. After its completion, it will become a national wood industrial base, an important furniture production base in the west of China and a famous forest and wood products industrial park in China characterized by low energy consumption, low consumption and low carbon emission, with an annual output of 1 million cubic meters of wood-based panel, 8 million pieces of wooden furniture, 10 million cubic meters of wooden floors, 2 million of wooden doors and 500 wooden houses as well as an annual trade volume of 10 billion yuan. At present, 800 mu (about 53.36 hectares) of lands have been taken over and 500 mu (about 33.35 hectares) of lands have been leveled. 11 enterprises have settled here, among which Guangxi Dongchang Wood Industry Co., Ltd., Qinzhou Taisheng Wood Industry Co., Ltd. and another enterprise have gone into operation.