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Tan Pichuang visits COFCO Oils (Qinzhou) Co., Ltd.

Posted by: Release time:2019-06-13

Recently, Mayor Tan Pichuang went to COFCO Oils (Qinzhou) Co., Ltd. to investigate and listen to the development demands of the enterprise, coordinate and solve the problems and difficulties faced by the development of the enterprise, and encourage the enterprise to use the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises as a guide. Thus, the enterprise can do its best to make it better and better, and strive to provide strong support for the better and faster development of Qinzhou's economy and society.

Tan Pichuang expressed his appreciation for the recent development of COFCO Oils (Qinzhou) Co., Ltd. and its contribution to the economic and social development of Qinzhou. He pointed out that it was the responsibility of the local government to take the initiative to serve the development of COFCO Oils (Qinzhou) Co., Ltd. in Qinzhou. It will go all out to coordinate and solve the problem of the wharf, and help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency with the competitiveness enhanced. In order to optimize the business environment, the activity of the "Year of Enhancing Services for Enterprises" is taken as an important starting point. It is supposed to put the preferential policies in place, guarantee various services, and work hard to create a good development environment for COFCO Oils (Qinzhou) Co., Ltd.