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CEO of ECERDC of Malaysia conducts investigation in China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park

Posted by: Release time:2019-05-28

Recently, Baidzawi, CEO of the East Coast Economic Region Development Council (ECERDC) of Malaysia, carried out investigation in China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park. Mo Fuwen, Deputy Director of China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee, introduced the relevant situation of the park. The two sides carried out discussion and communication on the convening of the fourth meeting of joint cooperation council of China-Malaysia “Two Countries, Twin Parks”, on the improvement of the communication and coordination system between the two sides, and on the promotion of international cooperation and systematic reform and innovation on production capacity.

Baidzawi highly appreciated the achievements of development and construction of China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park. He said that this investigation deepened their understanding of the park, and the fast development trend of the park made him feel confident on the cooperation prospect of “Two Countries, Twin Parks”. The fourth meeting of joint cooperation council of China-Malaysia “Two Countries, Twin Parks” will be held soon. He cordially invited the representatives of the park to go to Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan at that time, to discuss the construction and development plan of “Two Countries, Twin Parks”. It is hoped that the two sides can establish a more closer communication and coordination system, reform and inaugurate more effective mechanisms which are more beneficial to the interaction between enterprises from the both countries, deeply push forward the development of traditional advantageous industries in Malaysia such as bird's nest industry, expand the industrial cooperation to other fields such as modern service industry and tourism industry, push forward the linkage development of two parks and two ports practically, and make contributions to the economic and trade cooperation and cultural communication between China and Malaysia.