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Annual land transaction amount of Qinzhou City reaches 5.449 billion yuan

Posted by: Release time:2019-01-23

On December 28th last year, Shanghai Huayi Group, Guangxi Tianyuan New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. and Qinzhou City successfully signed a contract for transferring the use rights to the 229-mu state-owned construction land. At this point, Qinzhou City’s land supply work for projects in 2018 ended perfectly. The annual land transaction amount was 5.449 billion yuan, and the land income increased by 17.60%.

In 2018, the Qinzhou Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources revolved around the development strategy of constructing Qinzhou into a hub city with land-sea channel in western China, and achieved three breakthroughs in land use indicators, asset operation, as well as business environment. In 2018, the city's new construction land index was 507.66 hectares, 2.23 times than the planned index of Guangxi, including 266.56 hectares of additional indicators and 13.33 hectares of reward indicators. A total of 107 land projects in the city were included in the list of major projects coordinated and promoted by Guangxi in 2018. The newly-added construction land reached 3,996.3 hectares, an increase of 49.71% over the same period of last year. The land area hit a record high, which guaranteed the land supply in a large number of major projects.