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Qinzhou City successfully signs 4 projects with total investment of 3.58 billion yuan

Posted by: Release time:2019-01-08

Recently, the 2019 Global Economic, Trade and Cultural Exchange and Cooperation Conference of Guangxi Merchants and Chambers of Commerce themed with “Promoting the Spirit of Guangxi Merchants, and Strengthening Exchanges and Cooperation for Joint Development” was held in Nanning. At the signing ceremony of the projects for the strong and excellent enterprises at the conference settled in Guangxi, Qinzhou City successfully signed 4 projects with a total investment of 3.58 billion yuan.

The enterprises that signed the contracts with Qinzhou City include SPIC Guangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd., Guangxi Techshine Electronics Co., Ltd., Guangxi Qinzhou Tianyuan Cycle Technology Co., Ltd., and Maoming Dingyi Feed Co., Ltd., and the signed projects are wind power plant project, the construction project of the liquid crystal display and module industry base of Guangxi Techshine Company, the recycling project of 100,000 tons of waste lithium battery annually, and the project of annual output of 240,000 tons of livestock, poultry and aquatic feeds, respectively. These projects are full of “Gold Content”, mainly involving energy conservation and environmental protection, electronic information, and development and utilization of new resources.