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Lingshan promotes concentrated development of industrial parks

Posted by: Release time:2018-02-02

"We will further out strategy of strengthening the county with industries and take the three major industrial parks, namely Shili Industrial Park, Luwu Near-port Industrial Park and Wuli Industrial Park as the main arena for industrial development and continue to improve the infrastructure construction of the above-mentioned parks". A few days ago, Zeng Zhi, Lingshan County Party Secretary said at the third meeting of the 13th People's Congress of Lingshan County that in 2018 Lingshan County will continue to strengthen the cultivation of four industries that have a output value of over RMB 10 billion respectively, including food processing and packaging, electronic information, textile and apparel, and leather goods and footwear and timber processing. The county will also give prominence to three new industries namely mechanical and electrical, sanitary ware, and electroplating, and strive to achieve a concentration rate of more than 90% for the park.

Zeng said that this year Lingshan County will give prominence to the development of the electromechanical industry and transform the achievements of the existing electromechanical industry into commercial enterprises as soon as possible and put them into production and set off a new round of industrial economic growth. At present, the products from Luwu Mechanical and Electrical Industrial Park have been exported to Russia, the United States and other countries and have successfully opened new markets in countries of ASEAN and Western Europe, creating new market shares for "made in Lingshan".