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Logistics expert group from Ministry of Transport investigates construction of logistics parks in Qinzhou

Posted by: Release time:2018-01-29

In order to accelerate the development of the “big logistics” strategy in Qinzhou, the Municipal Transport Bureau has selected a number of promising logistics projects with both good foundation and great potential for development. It has actively carried out the declaration work to the Transport Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the Ministry of Transport, striving to promote the development of the logistics industry across the whole city through the construction of all kinds of demonstrative logistics projects. Recently, the deputy director of the Planning and Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, Qi Yan and other experts, have carried out field research and guidance to the logistics projects in Qinzhou.   

Xianglong Supporting Logistics Park, located near Qinzhou Free Trade Port Area, combines cargo storage, logistics transportation, LCL, hoisting and stacking. It is a general distribution logistics project and has been included in the transport planning logistics project library of the Thirteenth Five-Year plan of the Ministry of Transport. The expert group has a comprehensive knowledge of the planning and construction of the project through listening to reports, consulting materials and on-site inspection, and poses targeted suggestions for improvement. In addition, the expert group also investigated the Huangma Integrated Logistics Park as a multimodal transport, Guangxi Hongke Cold Chain Logistics Storage Center in urban green distribution and other projects.