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36 major projects in China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park collectively commenced and completed

Posted by: Release time:2018-01-10

Recently, China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park held the 2018 major projects launching and completion ceremony. There were 36 projects with an overall investment of over 13.4 billion yuan, which involve a series of fields such as manufacture of advanced equipment, the new-generation Internet of information and things, urban and infrastructure construction and insurance of people’s livelihood. The ceremony marks a solid step forward towards the park’s goal of “fruits will be borne in five years”.    

Among them, there were 11 completed projects with an over investment of 1.24 billion yuan, which involve manufacturing projects (first phase) of smart TV, LCD and other high-tech products, and industrial projects, public supporting projects and infrastructure projects like temporary dwellings for farmers and China-Malaysia Dangui Road Engineering; and the rest were commenced projects with an overall investment of 12.19 billion yuan, which involve the prioritized emerging industry projects like UniZ 3D printing technology, Dayou new energy automotive driving motor, “eggshell” robot and solar photovoltaic (second phase), and infrastructure supporting projects like special construction for poverty alleviation, primary school (second phase) and middle school (second phase) of the park, and road network.