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Vigorously promote “Implementation Plan on Entrepreneurship & Innovation for People” (abstract)

  We will support new product promotion. For the new industrial products in Guangxi that have been recognized as industrial new products and re...

Qinzhou Beibu Gulf Overseas Chinese Investment Zone

  The Qinzhou Beibu Gulf Overseas Chinese Investment Zone is the second largest overseas Chinese community in Guangxi. Situated in the eastern ...


Brief Introduction

  The Qinzhou Beibu Gulf Overseas Chinese Investment Zone is the second largest overseas Chinese community in Guangxi. Situated in the eastern part of Qinzhou City, it is located in the central area of ​​Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. Covering an area of ​​about 140 square kilometers, the investment zone has unique advantages. It has convenient location and transportation -- 35 kilometers away from Qinzhou City, Qinzhou Port, Qinzhou Free Trade Port Area and China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park; the traffic is very convenient and there are two expressways; the climate is pleasant -- it belongs to the south subtropical monsoon climate with abundant rainfall, having the annual average temperature of 22°C, the annual average rainfall of 1,940.7mm, the annual average sunshine of 1,850 hours, the annual average relative humidity of 80.2%, and the vegetation coverage rate of about 85%, which are extremely suitable for the development of fruit cultivation; the land resources are abundant: the total area of ​​the whole zone is 210,000 mus (139.94 square kilometers), and there is a concentrated state-owned land area of ​​116,878 mu for exploitation and development; human resources are unique: the investment zone has a total population of 17,000 people, of whom 5,735 are returned overseas Chinese from more than 20 countries in the world.
  The industries that are mainly planned for development include modern characteristic agricultural cultivation industry, light industry such as deep processing of agricultural products, and health tourism industry.

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      Recently, the main venue activities of "Sanyuesan Festival of Zhuang Nationality · Carnival in Guangxi" for 2019 were launched in Bazhai Yuanxiang Scenic Spot in Guitai Town, Qinbei District, attracting many citizens and visitors from other places.
      That very day, on the bronze drum stage, a series of traditional sports of Zhuang nationality, such as the bamboo pole dance, throwing embroidered balls, the lion and dragon dance, stilts and so on, were presented one by one, and citizens and tourists who took part in those sports all had a great time. At the same time, in the display area of characteristics products, dozens of local snacks, including the five-color sticky rice, wormwood cakes, miniature pigs, pickles and others, showed the visitors the unique food culture of Zhuang nationality with their excellent tastes, and therefore gave visitors a feast for their eyes and appetites. It is known that the cultural gallery display of Qinbei District and the rape flower viewing, which are parts of the serial carnival activities with the theme of "Folk Songs Fly around in March · Love Appears Everywhere in Bazhai Village", will last to the May Day holiday, allowing visitors far and near to come here with pleasure and leave without regrets.

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      Recently, Tan Pichuang, Mayor of Qinzhou City, led a team to attract investment in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. He and his team had discussions and exchanges on the construction of digital economy industrial park and the development of equipment manufacturing industry with leaders of well-known local enterprises, aiming to promote respective advantages complementary to each other and to achieve mutual benefit and win-win result of both sides.
      In Hangzhou, Mayor Tan negotiated related cooperation matters with the team led by Dong Xiangyi, President of Ningbo Landwheel Auto Part Co., Ltd. Mayor Tan pointed out that Qinzhou City currently is vigorously developing new energy automobile industry, and the cooperation with the company is conducive to achieving greater breakthroughs in core technologies and supporting facilities of the new energy automobile industry in Qinzhou. Mayor Tan suggested that the two sides should set up a special working group and strengthen point-to-point connection, so as to reach consensus on the goal and method of cooperation and the location of the headquarters in Qinzhou as soon as possible. Besides, he also hoped both sides could speed up the implementation of cooperation projects with the highest efficiency, so as to jointly enhance the industrial development in Qinzhou.

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      China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park (CMQIP) recently held an agreement signing ceremony with HDD Investment Holdings Corporation and Taojie Mingxing Investment Co., Ltd.
      According to the agreement, the three parties will jointly promote a group of projects, including International Vocational Education Cluster, China-ASEAN Big Data Industrial Park, Stem Cell Hospital, Hydrogen Energy Battery Production and R&D Project, General aviation equipment manufacturing project, Plant Medicine Production and R&D Project, Cross-border Financial Center, and Leling Health Care Center. These projects will promote the CMQIP into an ecological, international and innovative industrial park.

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      Recently, the "Digital Qinzhou · Big Data Industry Promotion Conference", jointly sponsored by the Qinzhou Municipal People's Government and the China Center for Urban Development, was held in Hangzhou of Zhejiang Province. More than 200 people, including the representatives of over 100 big data related companies like Huawei Technologies Group and Alibaba Group and the state-level think-tank experts, attended the meeting.
      It was known that Xu Lijing, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qinzhou Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor, made a detailed introduction on the advantages, positioning, goals, paths and policies of the development of Qinzhou's big data industry at the conference. Qinzhou signed the strategic cooperation agreements with 10 institutions and enterprises, including the China Center for Urban Development, as well as Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd.