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Several policies and measures to reduce cost of real economy enterprises

  Qinzhou will strengthen the support for ports to simplify customs clearance procedures. In 2016, the financial support reached 68 million yuan...

Wuli Industrial Park

  Located in Wuli Town, Wuli Industrial Park has a planning area of 5.96 square kilometers. It is close to Provincial Highway 326, and is only 1...


Brief Introduction

  Located in Wuli Town, Wuli Industrial Park has a planning area of 5.96 square kilometers. It is close to Provincial Highway 326, and is only 1 hour away from Qinzhou Port, Qinzhou Free Trade Port Area and Beihai Port. The industries that are expected to be settled in here are as follows: wood processing, new materials and building materials processing, agricultural and forestry products processing, etc.. At present, it is planned to build a circular economy industrial park with an area of 816 mu and an investment of 1.5 billion yuan, a solid waste resource processing center, a centralized heating center and a standard workshop, showing that the industrial park has complete supporting facilities for living and entrepreneurship.

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      Recently, the Guangxi Promotion Conference on New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, with the theme of "Building the New Land-Sea Corridor and Sharing New Business Opportunities for Cooperation", kicked off in Singapore. In the business dialogue session of the conference, Wang Gebing, Secretary of the CPC Qinzhou Municipal Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Qinzhou People's Congress, answered questions on the development and supporting policies of port-vicinity industries in Qinzhou, which is of concern to Singaporean enterprises.
      Wang Gebing said that at present, Qinzhou has formed a port-vicinity industry system consisting of 2 hundred-billion yuan industries, namely, petrochemical and equipment manufacturing industry, and a batch of over 10 billion yuan industries such as electronic information, paper-making, energy and modern logistics, which drive the port-vicinity industry into take shape initially. So far, Qinzhou Port has opened 24 foreign trade routes, 19 domestic trade routes, two daily routes to Singapore and Hong Kong, and the ocean routes to India, Middle East and South Africa, the international rail-sea intermodal transport hub has been formed, and the number of liners and container throughput of rail-sea intermodal transport have increased rapidly. Since Qinzhou has a good foundation for developing channel economy and seaward economy, it is hoped that through this promotion conference, Qinzhou could establish close relationship with more enterprises and achieve more cooperation of projects. Qinzhou promises to provide the most beneficial policy, the best service and the best business environment, so as to create more development opportunities and promote mutual benefit and win-win results.

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      Recently, Pubei Gaomai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pubei Gaomai) held a ceremony in Qinzhou to celebrate the successful delivery of the first batch of electric logistics vehicle battery packs, which marked the official launch of Gaomai New Energy Project that would become a new economic growth point in Pubei County.
      It is understood that the customer of this first batch of 43 electric logistics vehicle battery packs delivered by Pubei Gaomai in 2019, with a total value of more than 2 million yuan, is SAIC General Motors Corp., Ltd.. These battery packs are not only a combination of Pubei Gaomai's skillful technology and strict quality standards, but also a representation of the company's concept -- Green Development and Environmental Friendliness. In the next two years, Pubei Gaomai will introduce the power battery system to the new energy commercial vehicle industry, providing users with the applicability of new energy heavy trucks and key components and parts ahead of competitors. According to Zhang Yichang, Executive Deputy General Manager of Pubei Gaomai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., the second batch of 186 electric logistics vehicle battery packs will be delivered on June 15. This year, Pubei Gaomai is expected to complete its annual target of 100-million-yuan production value.

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      During the minor May Day holiday, Qinzhou actively held various activities and fully leveraged the function of tourism to boost market consumption. The tourism market was stable and orderly. During the 4-day holiday, the city received 1.135 million tourists, a year-on-year growth of 32.7%, and the tourism consumption reached 417 million yuan, up 36.2% year-on-year.
      The numbers of tourists received by major scenic spots are as follows: Wuhuang Mountain: 12,300; Yuezhou Tianhu Lake: 12,000; Shizuchan Tea Garden: 13,300; Liufeng Mountain: 11,000; Yanxia Mountain: 2,000; Qinzhou Garden Expo Park: 20,000; Nawu Mountain: 21,000; Jiubaidong: 12,000; Bazhai Valley: 46,000; Cuihu Countryside: 18,000, Longmen Island: 15,000; and Sanniang Bay: 108,300. Tourism consumption stood at 11.326 billion yuan.

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      Recently, workers of Guangxi Dongheng Industrial Co., Ltd. specializing in plastic woven production were processing products on the assembly line in Lihejiang Industrial Park of Qinnan District, Qinzhou.
      It is learnt that ever since this year, financial and tax departments in Qinnan District has enhanced awareness of actively providing services to enterprises, regularly organized personnel to carry out research into enterprises, done a good job in serving enterprises, implemented various policies of financial support for the development of enterprises, and actively strived for funds from superior financial department to support the development and growth of enterprises. According to statistics, in the first quarter, the accumulated fiscal revenue of Qinnan District reached 259 million yuan, an increase of 41.97% compared with the previous year. In particular, general budget revenue was 156 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 43.24%; and tax revenue was 242 million yuan, accounting for 93.43% of the total fiscal revenue.